Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

Session one

The gang kills some goblins, and makes some friends

Howdy all. I'm recording this in the hopes that we'll all be able to take a glance back here and remember what we learned and where we left off. 

When goblins attacked the swallow tail festival there were 4 "heroes" that saved the day:

Urrick, a well intentioned member of the city guard, on loan to Sandpoint from the Korvosan guard. Urrick has been in Sandpoint for roughly 5 years, pushing pencils, accusing legitimate business men of a nebulous crime on holidays, and dealing with a lot racism 

Tsuritsa, a Sandpoint native (the only one among the group). Daughter of a local cleric, Tsuritsa is perhaps the least strange of the group, which is saying something when you're a gypsy bard with a dark past. 


Aegon, the itinerate barbarian attempting to find answers for questions he scarcely understands. The token native American of the group, Aegon has been enjoying his time in Sandpoint, the first city he's ever visited, despite some…misgivings. After angering the local blacksmith in a game of jump rope, almost getting his wiener touched in a basement (before tripping the woman's father and fleeing), and becoming enthralled by a children's story, Aegon joined the battle against the goblins and the ensuing investigation.


Also some guy named Val was there, for some reason


After crushing the initial waves of goblins, the party set forth through the town, destroying all of the gremlins they found. After a some battlefield surgery, during which Val stole medical supplies from the group, the party followed a scream for help to find a man cowering behind some barrels as his dog defended him.

This man was Aldern Foxglove, a businessman from Magnimar who was visiting Sandpoint. After a near TPK the party felled the Goblins, earning the debt of one Foxglove, and (sans Aegon) interrogated a Goblin.

Taking up the owner of the Rusty Dragon on her offer of some free rooms at her inn, the group enjoyed some R&R before being awoken early to assist the Sheriff. After investigating a  crypt that had been broken in to, the party found skeletons waiting for them. Once the fiends had been dispatched, and Aegon had applied some strange skeletal paste to himself, the party investigated and found that the body of the former priest had been stolen. At the behest of Sheriff Hemlock, the group kept this a secret and began their investigation.

Urrick, after a chat with the Sheriff, discovered the missing priest had burned to death, along with his Aasimar daughter, a few years back. He also learned a bit about the serial killer known as Chopper.

Most importantly, he discovered that Chopper's final victim was the last Sheriff, that Hemlock killed Chopper and became the new Sheriff, and that Chopper had been collecting the eyes and tongues of his victims for a grizzly alter in his home, located on a small island near Sandpoint.

And so the night ended. The party should, in this author's mind, investigate the aasimar daughter's story, take a visit to Chopper's island, and see if some of the old tomes at the local bookstore hold any information that might assist them. And maybe help Aegon smooth things over with a few merchants. He really wants to clean that Klar up. 


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